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Celebrate your memories and bring them to life with colourful heirlooms that will last for years. 

Working from photos, I can create detailed paintings and drawings of your treasured moments from stills of your pets to your wedding day.

Your family and friends, pets, and favourite wildlife animals - capture a moment in time in the most magical, colourful way you can imagine.

Did you know you can have a memory that never was?

Providing two or more photos of your favourite people or animals, a new memory can be formed through artistry. Bring lost loved ones to your special moments with a Memory That Never Was.

 Hi, my name is Rae and I make acrylic, watercolour, and pastel portraits of people, animals, and locations with professional grade materials to ensure lasting vivid quality in every commission.

Commissions are currently OPEN

** Please note that commissions for the holiday season typically fill by September. If you are considering gifting a piece of custom art for the holidays, please keep this in mind. 

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Pricing and sizes are a guideline and may fluctuate depending on size, medium, and complexity of your request. 

Listed pricing is for single figure head studies only. 

For information on full body, detailed background, or 2 or more figures, please fill out the form below. 

Pricing is set in CAD. 

A deposit of 25% is required to hold your place in the queue. 


RWA is committed to environmental consciousness. 
Often times there may be canvases available from other projects that may be repurposed. If you would like to use an eco-friendly canvas, please let me know. 🌱


Not sure which medium is right for you? 
Check the
portfolio for samples of past work


Reference images are required to provide a free quote. Your images should be clear and high resolution when possible. Working from older photographs takes longer to complete and may result in an additional fee. Please note that I cannot make a high resolution painting or drawing from a low resolution photo. 

Custom framing and shipping costs are not included.

When possible, please ensure you have permission from the photographer to have the image used for artistic reproduction. 

Commission Request
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Thanks! We’ll send you a price quote shortly. If you have more references images to send, please email

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Did you receive your quote? Book your commission below. 
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