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Rae is an artist and educator with a background in early childhood education and children’s mental health. With almost ten years experience in the field working with children ages 0-6, she has seen first hand the power of creativity. 

Rae left the ECE field due to a health setback and followed her passion for art, teaching art classes to children and adults.


As a wildlife and portrait artist, Rae has honed her skills over the years, capturing the beauty and essence of the natural world and individuals she paints. Rae strives to portray the emotions of her subjects whether it’s a loved one, a beloved pet, or a client seeking a unique portrait. Each piece is approached with dedication and care to capture a personality and story. Occasionally delving in to architectural subjects, Rae is fascinated by intricate details. Her artwork aims to evoke wonder and appreciation. 

Rae is a published children’s author and illustrator of three delightful children’s books. Through storytelling and engaging illustrations, Rae encourages young reader’s to develop their reading skills and ignite their imaginations. Rae strives to instill important values and make learning fun.

Recently, Rae started a YouTube channel - Rae Wright Artist - to share her artistic process, tips, and tutorials to connect with a wider audience. 

As an artist who is hard-of-hearing, she is passionate about inclusivity and creating spaces where everyone can freely express themselves. Art is a powerful tool to foster communication, encourage emotional growth, and foster relationships between children and the important grown-ups in their lives. 

When she’s not creating, she can be found with her husband and children as they explore the parks, trails, and various local businesses in their hometown. 

Rae loves all things sports, arts, and reading. 

She loves a good book recommendation! Know an amazing fantasy, adventure, mystery, or historical fiction book? Please share! 

Rae's preferred pronouns are she/her/hers.

Did you know you can make a difference in the creation of more tutorials and children's books? 

Your support will help towards making more videos! 

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