Rae Wright Artistry is firm in their belief of the importance of community care and fundraising to support local and nationwide charities. 

Over the years RWA has raised funds for:


Canadian Reconstructive Surgery Foundation

Guelph Humane Society

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

Canadian Cancer Society

The Salvation Army

Children’s Foundation of Guelph

Hospice Wellington

Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre

Community heART

Community heART is a month of fundraising with RWA. 

A portion of ticket sales throughout the year is donated to various charities. 

During Community heART a further amount of ticket sales is donated. This usually occurs throughout the month of October. 

Due to an unforeseen family tragedy, Community heART tutorials will be moved to a pre-recorded video format. These, among the other pre-recorded videos already completed, will be available in the video rental section of the RWA website. 
For the month of October, the Community heART videos (Lonely Crane, The Big Wave, NEOWISE, Little Garden, and Twilight Cat) rented will see $8/video donated to various charities and other rental videos will see $5/video donated. 
Thank you for your understanding during this difficult time. 


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