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Current Fundraisers

At this time the sales of "Holding Strong" prints will see 100% profits donated to UNICEF to support the children of Ukraine. 

The PRIDE collection is on sale for the month of June 2022 with 100% profits donated to Out on the Shelf in Guelph and The 519 in Toronto. 

If you are someone you know would like Rae Wright Artistry to assist in fundraising endeavours you can email me here

Community heART

Community heART is a month of fundraising with RWA. 

A portion of sales throughout the year is donated to various charities. 

During Community heART a further amount of sales is donated.

For 2022, Community HeART will be taking place in August. 

Rae Wright Artistry is firm in their belief of the importance of community care and fundraising to support local and nationwide charities. 

Over the years RWA has raised funds for:


Canadian Reconstructive Surgery Foundation

Guelph Humane Society

Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis

Canadian Cancer Society

The Salvation Army

Children’s Foundation of Guelph

Hospice Wellington

Sunrise Therapeutic Riding and Learning Centre

What kind of fundraisers does RWA offer? 
Rae Wright Artistry offers a portion of custom pieces sold. 
Please note that the way payments are collected and the funds allocation may vary depending on your status of charity/NPO.

Rae Wright Artistry is accepting requests for 2022 fundraisers! 
If your cause is looking for a colourful way to fundraise, please reach out to 

​Please note that valid and confirmed fundraisers joined with Rae Wright Artistry will be listed here when orders are open. 
If you do not see a fundraiser here but have seen social media posts suggesting that RWA is participating, please report it

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