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Welcome to my creative world! 
Join me on my artistic journey of imagination and inspiration! 
As an artist, children's author, and educator, I'm so excited to share my passion with you through art classes, tutorials, and captivating creations. 

By becoming a valued Patron you can unlock exclusive perks tailored to your artistic desires! 

Become A Supporter: Buy A Coffee
Show your support and receive a heartfelt thank-you with a digital wallpaper download of one of my artworks for every month you are a Patron. 

Art Enthusiast: Creative Spark

Elevate your art skills with unlimited access to 150+ exclusive tutorials, plus a digital download to brighten your day. Tutorials can be found here

Super-Patron: Sticker Me!
Experience the ultimate art adventure with everything above and an exclusive sticker pack to add a touch of creativity to your world! 

Join the art community today and lets create a world of imagination together. 

Your support makes a difference and helps me continue bringing art and books to children and adults alike. 
Thank you so much for being part of this magical journey!!

**Wallpapers are sent out on the 15th of every month. 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Buy A Coffee

    Every month
    Help support the artistry!
    • 1 high res. wallpaper art download per month
  • Creative Spark

    Every month
    Support & Paint
    • 1 high res. wallpaper art download per month
    • Access to entire painting tutorial library
  • Sticker Me

    Every month
    Sticker Club
    • 1 high res. wallpaper art download per month
    • Access To Entire Painting Tutorial Library
    • Sticker Sample Pack
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