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The Alphabet Book - Guelph Artist Rae Wright

The Alphabet Book - Available Now!

This easy to read and brightly illustrated children’s book takes you through the letters of the alphabet one at a time.

Paired with a fun and melodic poem, Billy & Rory help readers through the alphabet explaining new words children may encounter.

The Alphabet Book is the first in a series of educational stories for young children.

Ideally suited for ages 2-6, but it's never too early to introduce a love of reading! 
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It's hard to find that perfect accent piece whether that's for kitchen, children's nursery, classroom, or office. Make your home colourful with high-quality prints and custom work. Portraits of your favourite people and animals are custom made to specification to suit your aesthetic and needs... learn more here

Watercolour Portrait Rae Wright Artistry Guelph
Watercolour Elephant Nursery Decor Rae Wright Artistry Guelph

"When we were planning our daughter's bedroom I had no idea which pieces to include in her bedroom. We knew we wanted baby animals. After showing Rae the paint and bedding sets she made this beautiful elephant painting and we are in LOVE." 
- Kelly Bishop-Campbell

Mom. Wife. Artist. Author. Rae.

There are many hats we wear, and these are my favourite few.

 After spending years teaching art to children and adults, I've been focusing more on my portrait art while both writing and illustrating children's books.

I grew up with a large family, a love of reading, and a fascination with art.

There's more to me than a paintbrush... Meet the Artist

Rae Wright Artistry Guelph Artist Author

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