Wanting custom work that doesn't fit in to the preset guide listed? 
Please contact RWA for a free quote!


Step 1) Contact

To submit a request for custom work, please contact me via social media platforms or email: info@raewrightartistry.ca for a free quote. 


Step 2) Photo Submission and Detailed Request

When submitting your photos please include as much detail as you can about how you would like your piece to look. The quality of your photo will significantly impact your piece’s details. 


Step 3) Waiting List 

We will discuss all preferences for colour, detail, materials, possible changes to your piece. Significant changes to hair, clothes, background, etc. will impact the final price. 

When the full detail information request is complete and your final quote is prepared it is requested you submit your deposit. This will keep your name on the waiting list. Custom work is completed in the order of which deposits are paid.
My turnaround time averages 6 weeks for completion. This does not include the time to deliver/ship. 


Step 4) Submitting the Deposit

Once your final quote is provided you will be supplied with a link to the Rae Wright Artistry website for your custom piece. You will be supplied two codes (ex. RWA0213A & RWA0213B). The first is your deposit and the second is your remaining balance. 

Payments may be made via PayPal and credit card. 


Step 5) Creating Your Piece

After the deposit is paid I will begin work on your piece. You will be kept up to date as I work. Minor changes may be made if requested. After your piece is completed and your final payment is made, your artwork will be shipped to you.

Please note that due to the nature of custom work I cannot offer refunds.




Custom Work


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