Just Do It... When You're Ready

We have all heard the former part the expression in the title, “Just Do It.”

Do the thing.

Do the thing that scares you.

Do the thing that excites you.

Do the thing you have been putting off for ages. Just do it.

I’ve been struggling with this my whole life, as I’m sure some of you have as well.

Knowing you need to do the thing because other people have told you it needs to be done.

I wanted to start my own business years ago and I was dragging my feet about the idea. It wasn’t because I didn’t have an idea, a niche, a business plan or any of that. I had those things. I didn’t launch for months because I was afraid. I was afraid because what if it wasn’t well-received? What if I fail?

It took my wonderful husband’s encouragement for me to finally admit that I was ready to do the thing.

When I launched my business it was slow to start - as most businesses are - but that didn’t deter me because I had already started. I pushed the ball over the hill and was ready to roll with the expected and unexpected as I made my way down.

This past weekend my husband and I brought our son to his first wading pool. Aside from his bathtub he’d only ever been in a body of water once and at the time he was only a few months old. To him, the pool was the thing that needed to be done.

We brought him right in to the wading pool and set him in the water thinking, much like when we were kids, the cannonball rather than the toe dunk was the way to go.

Billy did not agree.

He immediately went to the nearest ledge and loudly proclaimed, “out.”

(As an aside - we have been encouraging him for weeks to use his words for things he wants rather than pointing. This was the first time he ever said the word “out” and my inner-momma was leaping for joy whist simultaneously worried that he was upset.)

I perched him up on the ledge beside the water and sat beside him. We sat for nearly 10 minutes and I watched his little head dart back and forth as he took in the scene of children playing and water rippling as I described everything he was seeing.

Suddenly though, he shifted forward, scooting to the edge to get down. My heart sunk because I thought he wanted to leave the wading pool and I was discouraged because I wanted him to like the experience. I was worried bringing him right in had ruined it for him.

But just like his Momma, Billy needed to do it in his own time.

He needed to be ready. Once he was ready, he forwarded on to the water. He kicked, splashed, trailed the other kids, and fell a couple of times. I’m proud to say that he got right back up and went back to playing. He didn’t give up and he didn’t leave the wading pool again until the time slot was up and we headed out to go get ice cream (because what else is there to do on a beautiful Sunday afternoon?)