From Chaos to Organized

Several years ago when I started my business it started from nothing. When it began I was also working full time as an ECE at a job that required an hour commute each way. I also took this time to go back to school and study Children's Mental Health. I was always doing something.

Don't ask me how exactly I was able to fit everything together in a days work because I honestly couldn't tell you. I was very much flying by the seat of my pants.

Once I graduated I had more time in my days that I filled by teaching more classes and taking on more custom art clients. I also wanted to learn to sculpt.

When we moved to Guelph I was teaching as an ECE on a part time basis, which again freed up my days more so I could teach more art classes and create custom works. When I broke my nose for the 11th time my husband and I decided it would be in my best interest to focus on my art business and so I left my career as an ECE to pursue art full time.

A year in to my full time art career I found out I was expecting. I still didn't slow down - in fact I think I took on more mural projects, more custom pieces, and went full tilt because I was afraid of losing my business. As my due date approached I booked classes in to mid-2020 allowing myself a brief 6 week maternity leave (which I didn't even adhere to as I was back to creating custom work by the time he was 2 weeks old).

I became obsessed with planning. Everything was written down and each project came with a time line, and not just for work but for home projects as well.

I was planning meals for a month, I had my son's schedule written to the minute, my sessions optimally planned for the times my son would be sleeping or my husband would be home. I even planned when certain parts of the house would get cleaned.

When we entered quarantine and everything shut down I ended up cancelling all of my sessions and again my business made a shift to virtual learning only. My schedule became more structured. For someone like me to have gone from organized chaos to just plan ol' organized was a difficult albeit necessary transition.

Our days, weeks, and even months are planned and structured as such to optimize the amount of time I get to spend with my family.

My son thrives in structure and it turns out that I do, too.

We still have scheduled chaos in the afternoons. Anything could happen. Maybe we'll go to the park? Maybe we'll paint? Maybe we'll play with trucks? The possibilities are endless.


Want to see the nitty gritty details of how I run a successful art business and raise my son I’ll be launching a 6-Week guide on August 16th.

It’ll be going out with the eNewsletter.

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